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Me Professional ColorME Hair Dye 100ml

ColorME , an innovative hair color that combines all the positive characteristics with the best active ingredients and latest technologies. 


NIEUW  .18 Series - MS Metallic Silver

  • 6.18-6MS (Dark Metallic Silver Blonde)
  • 7.18-7MS (Medium Metallic Silver Blonde)
  • 9.18-9MS (Very Light Metallic Silver Blonde)

The success of ColorMe not only has to do with the extensive choice of contemporary colors, but also the use of high-quality raw materials such as micro color pigments and the addition of beeswax - for a deep-gloss color - contribute to this. But the application of Lumiplex ® technology and the enrichment with keratin and ceramide ensure that ColorMe is a quality brand that has no equal.

With the ColorME you can make both permanent hair coloring and rinsing.

The ColorME is available in the following nuances:


.0 Series 

  • 1.0-1N (Natural Black)
  • 2.0-2N (Very Dark Natural Brown)
  • 3.0-3N (Dark natural Brown)
  • 4.0-4N (Medium Natural Brown)
  • 5.0-5N (Light Natural Brown)
  • 6.0-6N (Dark Natural Brown)
  • 7.0-7N (Medium Natural Blonde)
  • 8.0-8N (Light Natural Blonde)
  • 9.0-9N (Very Light Natural Blonde)
  • 10.0-10N (Lightest Natural Blonde)
  • 11.0-11N (High Lift Natural Blonde)
  • 12.0-12N (Ultra High Lift Natural Blonde)

.00 Serie - NN Intense Naturals

  • 5.00-5NN (Light Intense Natural Brown)
  • 6.00-6NN (Dark Intense Natural Blonde)
  • 7.00-7NN (Medium Intense Natural Blonde)
  • 8.00-8NN (Light Intense Natural Blonde)
  • 9.00-9NN (Very Light Intense Natural Blonde)
  • 10.00-10NN (Lightest Intense Natural Blonde)

.003 Serie - NNG Warm Naturals

  • 5.003-5NNG (Light Warm Natural Brown)
  • 6.003-6NNG (Dark Warm Natural Blonde)
  • 7.003-7NNG (Medium Warm Natural Blonde)
  • 8.003-8NNG (Light Warm Natural Blonde)
  • 9.003-9NNG (Very Light Warm Natural Blonde)
  • 10.003-10NNG (Lightest Warm Natural Blonde)

.1 Serie - A Ash

  • 4.1-4A (Medium Ash Brown)
  • 5.1-5A (Light Ash Brown)
  • 6.1-6A (Dark Ash Blonde)
  • 7.1-7A (Medium Ash Blonde)
  • 8.1-8A (Light Ash Blonde)
  • 9.1-9A (Very Light Ash Blonde)
  • 10.1-10A (Lightest Ash Blonde)
  • 11.1-11A (High Lift Ash Blonde)

.11 Serie - AA Intense Ash

  • 12.11-12AA (Ultra High Lift Intense Ash Blonde)

.22 Serie - VV Intense Violet

  • 4.22-4VV (Medium Intense Violet Brown)
  • 5.22-5VV (Light Intense Violet Brown)
  • 6.22-6VV (Dark Intense Violet Blonde)

.3 Serie - G Golden

  • 5.3-5G (Light Golden Brown)
  • 6.3-6G (Dark Golden Blonde)
  • 7.3-7G (Medium Golden Blonde)
  • 8.3-8G (Light Golden Blonde)
  • 9.3-9G (Very Light Golden Blonde)

.32 Serie - GV Beige

  • 7.32-7GV (Medium Beige Blonde)
  • 8.32-8GV (Light Beige Blonde)

.55 Serie - MM Intense Mahogany

  • 5.55-5MM (Dark Intense Mahogany Brown)
  • 6.55-6MM (Dark Intense Mahogany Blonde)

.66 Serie - RR Intense Red

  • 5.66-5RR (Light intense Red Brown)
  • 6.66-6RR (Dark Intense Red Blonde)
  • 7.66-7RR (Medium Intense Red Blonde)

.73 Serie - BG Hazelnut

  • 4.73-4BG (Medium Hazelnut Brown)
  • 5.73-5BG (Light Hazelnut Brown)
  • 6.73-6BG (Dark Hazelnut Blonde)
  • 7.73-7BG (Medium Hazelnut Blonde)
  • 8.73-8BG (Light Hazelnut Blonde)

.75 Serie - BM Hot Chocolate

  • 5.75-5BM (Light Intense Chocolate Brown)
  • 6.75-6BM (Dark intense Chocolate Blonde)
  • 7.75-7BM (Medium Intense Chocolate Blonde)

.77 Serie - BB Intense Chocolate

  • 4.77-4BB (Medium Chocolate Brown)
  • 5.77-5BB (Light intense Chocolate Brown)
  • 6.77-6BB (Dark intense Chocolate Blonde)
  • 7.77-7BB (Medium Intense Chocolate Blonde)
  • 8.77-8BB (Light Intense Chocolate Blonde)

.80 Serie - PN Pearl Naturals

  • 8.80-8PN (Light Pearl Natural Blonde)
  • 9.80-9PN (Very Light Pearl Natural Blonde)
  • 10.80-10PN (Lightest Pearl Natural Blonde)
  • 11.80-11PN (High Lift Pearl Natural Blonde)
  • 12.80-12PN (Ultra High Lift Pearl Natural Blonde)

.81 Series - PA Pearl Ash

  • 10.81-10PA (Lightest Pearl Ash Blonde)
  • 12.81-12PA (Ultra High Lift Pearl Ash Blonde)

.88 Series - PP Intense Pearl

  • 1.88-1PP (Intense Pearl Black)

Intensifier Series

  • 0.000 - Clear
  • 0.111 - A-Mix (Gray)
  • 0.222 - V-Mix (Violet)
  • 0.333 - G-Mix (Yellow)
  • 0.666 - R-Mix (Red)
  • 0.888 - P-Mix (Blue)

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